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Continue doing what makes you guys happy, i'll support and walk forward with you <3 I may not be with you guys from those 16 years but thank you. ahhh i don't wanna be cheesy lol but yeah.

you've grown a lot but you're still the 5 guys who we all love ♡ฺ

i just wanna say thank you to these lovely dorks. 16 years isn't a small thing, thank you for staying together for 16 years, thank you for always thinking of us fans, this may sound dramatic but you and your music saved me a lot of times, i hope we'll continue to support each other with our own ways, till we meet my 5 colour rainbow~ here's to another 16 years (ノ*>∀<)ノ♡ฺ*.゚・:*

(I know, i know i'm two days late lol i have my reasons, but it will all sound like an excuse anyway. it's better late than never lol )
30 August 2015 @ 09:57 pm

because a smiling jun can make everyone smile♡

First of all thank you for introducing Arashi to me <3 i can't express how much love and gratitude i have for you. I'm proud to say i'm jun-baited. i mean who wouldn't get baited by a beautiful human like you?! You're a nice person inside and out and i'm proud to say i'm your fan. This is getting cheesy, i should stop. HAHAHA. nah.

Some people find you as a "cool ikemen" or describes you as "stoic" maybe you are, but for me you're an adorable guy who likes to exceed expectations rather than meeting it. maybe that's why they call you "stoic" i'd rather call you passionate though, because i know you're just doing your best in the things you love, i know you like challenging yourself and you find joy in that. For me it's one of your good points. I love the Jun that i know, i love the Jun that i see ♡ I love your 'tv persona' i love the jun that arashi describes and the jun that other celebrities describe. In my eyes you're a kid who gets excited easily, sometimes a tsundere, a dork, a perfectionist, a sadist but most of the times i just focus on your eyebrows. i'm sorry. lol but really though i love you for who you are, from now on please continue doing what makes you happy, I'm always here to support you like the way you support me without you knowing it. Happy Birthday Junpon! i wish you happiness! ♡
17 June 2015 @ 10:58 am

Happy 17th 32nd birthday Neen! you grew up into such a ...fine man i guess? Hahaha just kidding. We love you (ღ˘⌣˘)
Despite your bratty persona, i know that you're a sweet and adorable kid inside, i know that you always look at the bigger picture, in that way i think you and matsujun are the same, it's just that when he noticed something he will immediately say it but if it's you, you'll keep it to yourself then say it in the right timing and make it a good joke which makes you .. a brat hahahaha! but no really whenever i look at you during variety shows you really observe the things around you. you always say that jun notices even the small things but i think it's the same for you ^^ you're a really considerate person in my eyes ♡ Happy birthday! do what makes you happy, we'll be here supporting you! ♡


despite that it's been 19 years since you joined JE you still look the same for me :) a chubby cheek dork with a beautiful smile 💜 and you'll be forever 'a child who can't control his emotions when he's excited' in my heart 💜 haha. おめでとうございます ♡(*´︶`*)
14 February 2015 @ 04:40 pm
*spreading the love*
25 January 2015 @ 11:25 pm

today's Sho-chan's birthday so i'm watching his Blackboard SP drama, i know i'm late but the genre isn't really my cup of tea, but since it's his day i thought i might as well give it a chance. haha so far i'm feeling really sorry for Sho-chan T.T

i just want to share why i love Sho, (it's his day so why not? nobody is reading this anyway, might as well do what i want haha)
I love Sho-chan's rap, though most of the time i don't know what he's saying, like the strange english parts lol one of my favourites is the "supernova next to a door" HAHAHA that line never fails to make my day. I love how Sho-chan laughs it like "HA HA HA HA" ykwim. haha i like how he unconsciously moves his feet up and down when he's sitting idly. that mannerism of his is one of the reasons why i believe he's a real person. lol i mean he's just too perfect to be real. i know he's a scaredy cat and he always fails amusingly but that makes him who he is. he's perfect the way he is. i know it's so cliche but that's what i like about him. When i first watched the Pikanchi Series i only knew about Jun, i know that they're arashi but back then i don't really gave attention on Jun's music career i just like him as an actor, but Sho-chan made an impression on me i guess? idk i found his character cute and that's when i said something to myself like "might as well try listening to their music" yeah, most of the fandom i'm in now started with me saying that phrase to myself. haha But it's the five of them that made me stay interested to "arashi", until one day i just realised that i love this group, i love arashi, i love every single one of them :)

Happy Birthday red prince <3 i only have two things to say, thank you and please do what makes you happy :)